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Packaging Machinery > Overhaul and updating

Overhaul and updating


Overhaul and updating of packaging machinery according to safety rules ref. D.Lgs. 81/08:

- cartoning machines such as Marchesini, Gnudi (HM1-HM2-HF-AV);

- wrapping machines and bunch wrappers such as Dominici LC700, Sapal PRLP, Sapal Dp, Sapal Bie, Sapal BeB, Ck, Incartatrici tipo GD, Acma, Carle & Montanari, HPUZ;

- forming machine such as Ska, SR, NKA, Vara, Vimco, Parmasei, Imball;

- flowpackers such as Cavanna, Record, Colimatic, Fmc, Pfm, and cartoning machines such as Zambelli, Involvo, Gnudi;

- wrap around machines such as BTB, SPR;

- seal-banding machines such as Grandi.

There is an appropriate office in the Company, which takes care of issuing, writing and printing all operating and service manuals..

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